As we prepare to become missionaries in Italy, we are working with a sending agency called Crossworld. To learn more about this ministry, click here

We ask you to consider partnering with us in launching this ministry in 2016. It will be a ministry of disciple making and bridge building. It begins with a year of language learning in Bologna, as we immerse our children in Italian public school to learn the language from Day One. 

We have Outgoing Expenses which will apply to traveling to Italy, language learning for one year, setup costs, transportation fees. We need your help to GET there and assimilate to the culture. Would you consider a one-time gift?

We also want to STAY there. This requires a work of the Kingdom of God partnering together to give regularly. One a monthly level, we will have living expenses in Italy and we do not plan to make this a “trip”. We are praying that this will be a long-term ministry that we as farmers can show our families and friends back home that something can grow where we have been planted in Italy. Would you consider partnering with us on a monthly level?

Here is how to give. Click this link and decide how much you can give. Then, specify that you are giving to missions account #40291. That is an account designate just for The Williams Family. Then, put our names down. That gift will go directly to the ministry we are working to build even now.

You are partners here will not only be investing in us financially, but as a community of faith and encouragement. Please consider it today.



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