12 Years of Chasing Dreams (Together).

Today, Amy and I celebrate 12 years of dream-chasing together. We’ve lasted longer, so far, than Amazon, Uber, Instagram, and Twitter! We were born at just the right time. I know this because our relationship started pretty much when Facebook started, and through it we have documented our journey. It’s been a gigantic success and so has our love for each other. I was actually just flipping through our FB photos. So far, we have moved 7 times, had 3 children, completed 6 years of seminary, been loved by 4 churches, and soon we will have lived on 2 different continents! What an adventure!

Just last night we returned to the restaurant at the B&B where we stayed our wedding night. I’d like to think other couples were looking over at us, charmed by our love for each other. I kept looking over at the table where we sat for our first married dinner together, hoping to see myself staring back. We didn’t even know it would be this good.

On our first date, we talked about our dreams. She sat smiling in her turtle neck and black leather jacket, legs crossed, drinking hot chocolate. I felt that anything was possible that night. Now, 12 years later, I know it is. With her.

Bring on the next 12 years!


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