‘Twas the night before…

You could hear the voices through the still of the darkness.  A whisper here, a giggle there.  A rustle of the hay as they tried to get comfortable in the place they would call “home” for the night.  It had been a long journey and it was time.  HE was coming.  Time to prepare and wait…

Few other noises.  Only stillness and quiet.  Maybe a few stable animals having their evening conversations too.  God’s vastness spread above them like a blanket to behold.  Two future parents awaiting the moment their new baby would be born.  Somewhere in the darkness, two youngsters wondered what the next moment would bring.

I relate to this moment.  To think of the earthly parents of the Divine in the moments right before His birth makes it all real for me.  On April 24, 2007, we shared the same emotions with these two.  I will never forget the early morning hours before the birth of our twins.  An emergency C-section had been ordered by my doctor because I had toxemia and the babies had to be delivered.  We were working on zero sleep and high adrenaline.

We had never done this before!  What were we to expect?  Pain?  Sickness?  Would the babies be ok?  Would they love us?  Would they know we were their parents?  Would there be any complications?  Too many questions to answer in a short amount of time.  We just had to take each moment and pray for the best.  We had to trust it all to the Creator of life that He was in control in that moment.

What must it have it had been like?  The conversation between those two – lying still in the darkness on the hay.  Staring at the empty manger they had prepared for Him.  Perhaps holding hands and wondering what the night would bring.  What did they talk about as Mary rode on that donkey?  How did Joseph encourage her as he led them through the desert seeking a safe place to deliver a child that did not even have his own DNA?

Then it came…

A scream pierced the darkness – the first contraction.  He held her hand, he talked her through the pain.  He wiped her brow as she delivered the Son of God into the world.

“For unto us a child is born.  Unto us a Son is given.”

The moment of waiting and being still had ended.  There was power in that moment and all the earthly emotions that were wrapped up in that “gift.”  Whether you believe in the miraculous story of a virgin birth or not, take a moment to reflect on the birth itself.  For life is a miracle.  But this One was different.  This Life came to save yours.  This Life came to give it away.

Now imagine the moment they looked upon their  Son for the first time.  Stared into His eyes and held His hand.  In that moment, they met Grace in human form.  You could hear the voices in the still of the darkness.  A whisper here, a lullaby there, a baby cry.

He has come to earth, the Savior of the world!






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