The Here and Now.

Telling people we will be making disciples in Italy at times feels like a delusion when all we can see is HERE-AND-NOW. What we deal with in the moment usually doesn’t vaguely resemble what we are preparing to do. At times, it’s all we can do to manage the laundry. It’s so relentless….hampers keep piling up and we have to clothe ourselves.

Sometimes, the thoughts of future ministry comfort us. Other times, they mock us. Those comforting moments happen when we are engaged in telling our story. It goes south when we exit story time and return to the assembly line of life. Parts break down. The work is hard. It gets tedious.

We tend to forget the cord God laid out before us on the assembly line. Once upon a time, we looked down and there it was. Like Moses’ bush it lit up our seemingly ordinary life. And, inch by inch that little cord kept us on the path.

But life is bigger than a cord. Cords don’t pay the bills right now. Cords don’t give us a schedule. They don’t make things easy. Sometimes it just feels ridiculous.

But, what we have seen while holding this cord has been spectacular. Breathtaking. Mind numbing. How could we trade what we have seen for a life that makes better sense?

At least we are better off than Abraham. He was a great deal wealthier than us and God told him to leave home. Still don’t see why we would be better off than him? God didn’t give him a destination. At least we know we’ll need to purchase plane tickets to Italy. We know where we will land. He didn’t.

But, the reality is there is no “better off than” in God’s call to missions. We’re all better off for being called. We’re better off for experiencing the moments of blind trust and heartbreaking ecstasy as we follow the cord.

The HERE-AND-NOW can be as rich  as THERE-AND-THEN. No matter whether you’re preparing to go to Italy or on a first date. For us, when we absorb all that is happening in the present, investing in the lives of others, and letting God unfold the strange path before us we will find peace and a smile.


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